“Every treatment I have with Eva helps me on so many levels: physically, mentally and emotionally. Her treatments have helped clear headaches, sore back and neck issues and my long-standing shoulder injury. Eva is intuitive, professional, sincere and well balanced. Her sessions are a real treat with added benefits in that it addresses the underlying issue so I get better with longer-term results.” 

“I have a neurological condition and my body is quite fragile. I wouldn't be without my cranial sessions with Eva. Not only do I feel my whole body physically realign and rebalance, but she holds such a nurturing and safe anchor for my body that my mind and spirit enter a deep meditative escape from reality. It's such a release.”

“I see Eva about persistent migraines, vertigo and neck pain. Over the years, I’d been referred to multiple specialists with very little success. Cranial sacral therapy has been very calming and extremely effective for me. Eva is a very skilled practitioner, warm, empathetic and a great communicator.  I can not recommend Eva highly enough!”

“After a session of cranial therapy with Eva, I feel restored, refreshed and uplifted. 
It’s a perfect antidote for my busy, rushing mind and tired, aching body. 
Eva is a true healer: intuitive, gentle and humble.”

“Having cranial sacral therapy with Eva made a huge difference to ongoing headaches I was experiencing. It is a very calming and balancing therapy that seems to benefit the whole body system.”

“I have been a regular client for over a year and I go just for the love of what happens. Sometimes there’s lots of physical change, sometimes emotional and I always leave relaxed and more alive. Her practice is very personal. I think that’s because of how open and intuitive she is.

I love my Eva Cranial!”

“Know your anatomy and your physiology, but when you get your hands in a patient's body, never forget that a living soul dwells therein.” 

40 Pine Rd, Ngunguru

 Tutukaka Coast, Whangarei

Tel: 021 2314975