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"I am absolutely blown away that the myriad of physical and emotional health problems I had when I first came to Eva for help, in just a few sessions, have either gone, or subsided to a minimum!....This gentle but extremely powerful and wholistic therapy Eva offers, is not to be doubted."


"I have only done one session with Eva and I’m hooked! I went in quite emotionally drained, tired and confused after a strange time in my life.
After my session I felt mentally lighter, emotionally stronger and my body felt recharged, I was clear headed again and felt like I could handle situations being my strongest self."

Hope Whittington, 28

"When booking my daughter in for a cranial session for tummy issues, we didn’t know what was troubling her. All we knew was that she was plagued with pain most days and with a 3 week wait until she could see her doctor, a friend said to go and see Eva.
After one incredible session I felt like I had my daughter back."

Female, 13

"Being someone who is quite sensitive, my mind and body get overloaded at times.
Craniosacral therapy is a really effective way to reconnect with my centre point and the inner calm and knowing that resides there. This re centering ripples back out into my my life and I find that any physical tension, aches and pains or mental unrest resolves itself after a session with Eva"

Stacey Davidson, 45

“I can highly recommend trying craniosacral therapy with Eva. I have been going to Eva every 3-4 weeks for the past 8 years. Originally for massage then transitioned to cranial. I have an active lifestyle and regularly exercise picking up aches and pains along the way. The sessions with Eva have kept some long term chronic problems at bay which has allowed me to pursue my hobbies and interest free of injury"

Stephen Hemstalk, 42

“I have faith in Eva’s methods. She has made a great difference to me with a long standing leg problem. She has lots of knowledge and is giving me a much better understanding of what is it’s root cause and what I can do to help it. I thoroughly recommend her treatments”

Female, 66