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Cranial Explained
Cranial Explained

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can address your body’s needs while allowing you to tune in, recharge and realign. 

Clients often experience a gentle release of stress and trauma held in their system.Cranial can help with resolution of pain, chronic issues, improve posture and body awareness, aid injury recovery,
deep relaxation and a greater sense of coherence, emotional stability and overall health.

Craniosacral therapy was an ‘unknown’ for me

Something foreign that I was curious to know more about to see if it could positively affect my long term back aches and muscle pains from bearing children.  I have no regrets and discovered more benefits than just fixing what I initially went to see Eva for.  I came away with knowledge to heal myself going forward and for that Eva’s visits were worth every cent!  She is my first port of call whenever I need her advice or healing hands

Sonja Jelsma


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